Contemplation Question #5

Answer the following questions in complete sentences:


l  Are you more of a Toby or more of a Malvolio when it comes to getting rowdy?

l  Look again at Feste’s song in this scene. Does it seen in keeping with the mood of the scene? Do the words reflect what is going on? How?

l  Find what you consider to be a pretty good joke in this scene. What’s funny about it to you?


I think I’m more of a Toby than Malvolio when it comes to getting rowdy because I like going to all sorts of parties enjoying myself and my life.


I think it’s not keeping with the mood of the scene which is partying and having fun. The words reflect what is going on because it tells us in the song about love and right now Olivia is in love with Viola (Cesario) and Viola (Cesario) is in love with Orsino and Orsino is in love with Olivia which makes a love triangle. I think Feste’s trying to tell us what love is, what happens when you’re in love.


The line “Go shake your ears.” (2.3.106) has a joke in it because Malvolio is threatening Maria that he’s going to tell what happened to them at the night to Olivia, but Maria is saying (my thoughts) that she doesn’t care and Olivia won’t fire me or do anything to me so she’s not afraid. Also she’s saying that Malvolio should change his ears so that he can’t hear us, not telling us to stay quiet.

Contemplation Question #4

Review 1.5, focusing on Feste. Answer these questions in complete sentences:


l  How long do you think he has been in Olivia’s household?

l  Is Feste a carefree fool with no troubles? Why or why not?

l  Does he have a brain? How do you know?

l  If you were a Hollywood director, who would you cast for Feste? How would you costume him or her?

l  Can you find some cues in the script that suggest action for Feste? If you were director, what would you have the Fool doing physically in this scene?


I think Feste has been in Olivia’s household for quite a long time because it looks like Feste and Olivia is close to each other and it looks like they know each other a lot. Olivia takes the jokes that Feste makes now, but maybe in the past when Feste first met Olivia she might have taken it very seriously.


I think Feste is a carefree fool with no troubles because he is always in a position that is neither the good or bad side, but neutral. He sticks to people on the good side or the bad side depending on what they would like him to do and if they give him some money or not. Also Feste is a person who does everything he wants to do for example if he likes to tease people he teases people, if he feels like he wants to sing he sings.


Feste has a brain, and I know this because every human being has a brain even though they are a carefree fool.


If I were a Hollywood director, I would cast Feste for Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson). I would costume Feste-Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) with clothes that are torn up or very old dirty clothes.

A cue that Feste says is “Do you not hear, fellows? Take away the lady.” (1.5.32). I think in this line Feste could be pointing at the guards behind Olivia to take her away, and to emphasize the line “Take away the lady.”.

Contemplation Question #3

Find and comment on FOUR (4) lines from the scenes you’ve read so far (Act 1, Scenes 1-3).


1. A line that has beauty in it“If music be the food of love, play on;” (1.1, 1)

I think this line has beauty in it because it’s a very strong statement that if you need to increase your love you must listen to music and consider it as the food of love. I totally agree that if you’re in love you should listen to good music and relax so that your relationship with the lover improves.


2. A line with a good joke“And thou let part so, Sir Andrew, would thou mighst never draw sword again.” (1.3, 51~52)

I think this line has a joke because the line is rude and is not talking about something that is appropriate, but rude which makes people laugh out loud.


3. A line that sounds modern“Who governs here?”

I think this line sounds modern because modern day people say who governs in this place or who governs in this country etc.


4. A line that appeals to you for any reason “Accost, Sir Andrew, accost.”

I think this line appeals to me because whenever one of my friends like someone I tell them to go close to that person and start pushing or moving him slowly with the elbow. An example is when there is someone you like and their eyes just suddenly meet with each other and I happen to see that I tell my friend to go near her and talk to her to become more friendlier and kinder, but my friends to shy so I force him to go talk to him because that might be his only chance in his life.

Contemplation Question #2

Read to the end of 1.2 – it will help you a lot if you do this part of your homework ALOUD! After reading, describe in words your first impressions of Orsino, Olivia, and Viola. Your descriptions should total a paragraph (6-10 sentences).


Orsino: Orsino is somewhat selfish because he doesn’t care about others. When Olivia’s brother died, normally people would be comforting her to calm down and stop her crying, but Orsino just thinks about the problem from his point of view and says that he will be able to marry her and love her. Quote: O she that hath a heart of that fine frame to pay this debt of love but to a brother (1.1.33~41). Also Orsino is a person that is love sick because he is very obsessed with the word love and the feeling of it that he has the greatest love and he has the power of love inside. Quote: O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou (1.1.9), Tell her my love, more noble than the world (2.4.77).


Olivia: Olivia is very sensitive because she was going to have 7 years of mourning because her brother had died and 7 years is a very long time. Some people will just give up in about 1 year, but I think she’s really true about her feelings and that she will actually do 7 years of mourning unless something happens. Also she sometimes shows off and thinks that she is the best and the most beautiful person in the world (thinks about her looks), when other people don’t think that way. Quote: You are now out of your text, but we will draw the curtain and show you the picture. Look you, sir, such a one I was this present. Is’t not well done (1.5.189~192).


Viola: Viola is very kind and caring because she is concerned about her twin brother, Sebastian after the shipwreck which means she hasn’t thrown him away like a trash, but even though she can’t see him she still has feelings and thoughts for her brother. Quote: And what should I do in Illyria? My brother, he is in Elysium. Perchance he is not drowned: what think you, sailors (1.2.3~5), O my poor brother! And so perchance may he be (1.2.7). Viola is a person that can apply to that specific environment very quickly and moves her brain around which makes her think of what to do in a very short time. She is very calm and takes her chances and she dresses up as a boy because she needs a job to get money. Quote: For saying so, there’s gold. Mine own escape unfoldeth to my hope, whereto thy speech serves for authority, the like of him. Know’st thou this country (1.2.18~21), who governs here (1.2.24).

Contemplation Question #1

What holidays are, in your experience, connected with carefree fun and merry-making? Tell about a holiday – or a time, event, or experience – when you were inordinately silly.


The holidays that I have experienced, which are connected with carefree fun and merry-making are Children’s Day, Parents Day, Teachers Day, Korea Independence Day, Korean Alphabet Day and Christmas.


In the summer holidays I went to Sydney, Australia with the Korean church. It was a lot of fun, especially seeing the Sydney Opera House and feeling the cool and clean air. I was inordinately silly when I was inside the airplane when I was coming back from Sydney to Vietnam. On airplanes usually most of them give us food to eat; later then they start to give tea and coffee for people who wish to drink it. My friend asked for a cup of coffee and mixed it with sugar, milk and ordinary things that go inside a coffee, which you are supposed to put in. It was very hot and too sugary for him. He was going to put it away by giving it to a stewardess, but I suggested that you had to drink the coffee if you lose at a rock-paper-scissors game. Before I played the game I added things that were left out of my plate and my friend’s plate. The coffee looked really disgusting and bad. My friend said that he was not going to play so I told him that he had to or else I would force him to drink it even though he didn’t want to. So he agreed. We did the first match and it was a tie rock against rock. The second game was a tie as well paper and paper, but the last game was it my friend did the scissors while I did the rock. I had beaten him so he had to drink the vomit looking disgusting coffee. After he had drunk the coffee he went to the bathroom. I was laughing my head off when he ran to the bathroom, looking like someone who was just about to vomit.

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